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October 31, 2018 to November 4, 2018
UBC Robson Square
America/Vancouver timezone

LEGEND: The Large Enriched Germanium Experiment for Neutrinoless Double-Beta Decay

Nov 1, 2018, 6:06 PM
Room C215 (UBC Robson Square)

Room C215

UBC Robson Square


Micah Buuck (University of Washington - Seattle)


The lepton number violating process of neutrinoless double-beta decay could result from the physics beyond the Standard Model needed to generate the neutrino masses. Taking different approaches, the current generation of ${}^{76}$Ge experiments, the MAJORANA DEMONSTRATOR and GERDA, lead the field in both the ultra-low background and energy resolution achieved. The next generation of neutrinoless double-beta decay experiments requires increased mass and further reduction of backgrounds to maximize discovery potential. Building on the successes of the MAJORANA DEMONSTRATOR and GERDA, the LEGEND collaboration has been formed to pursue a tonne-scale ${}^{76}$Ge experiment, with discovery potential at a half-life beyond $10^{28}$ years. The collaboration aims to develop a phased neutrinoless double-beta decay experimental program, starting with a 200 kg measurement using the existing GERDA cryostat at LNGS. I will discuss the plans and physics reach of LEGEND, and the combination of R&D efforts and existing resources being employed to expedite physics results.

Primary author

Micah Buuck (University of Washington - Seattle)

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