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Feb 15 – 18, 2018
Canada/Eastern timezone

Sensitivity study of a search for a charged scalar particle in $\sqrt{s}=14$ TeV $pp$ collisions (student talk)

Feb 17, 2018, 11:30 AM


Mr Kays Haddad (McGill University)


Many models that extend the Standard Model Higgs sector predict the existence of at least one charged Higgs boson, in addition to the neutral Higgs boson expected from the Standard Model. While searches have been performed, a charged Higgs boson has not yet been observed. Using physics and detector simulations, the sensitivity of a search for a charged Higgs boson at the forthcoming High Luminosity LHC is being studied. Focusing on the process $pp\rightarrow H^{+}H^{-}\rightarrow (W^{+}\gamma) (W^{-}\gamma)\rightarrow (jj\gamma) (jj\gamma)$ with a charged Higgs mass greater than $100$ GeV, expected upper limits on the production cross-section times branching ratio of this process, $\sigma(pp\rightarrow H^{+}H^{-})\times BR(H\rightarrow W\gamma)^{2}$, are calculated.

Primary author

Mr Kays Haddad (McGill University)

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