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Apr 1 – 5, 2019
Fairmont Château Laurier Hotel
UTC timezone

Targeted alpha therapy with anti-HER2 thorium-227 antibody-chelator conjugates (HER2-TTCs) in mouse xenograft models with varying levels of HER2 expression and resistance to current state-of-the-art therapies

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Fairmont Château Laurier Hotel

Fairmont Château Laurier Hotel


Dr Jenny Karlsson (Bayer AS)


Targeted thorium conjugates (TTCs) represent a new class of therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals for the targeted alpha therapy (TAT) of cancer. The human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 (HER2) is overexpressed in several cancers and is a validated target for the treatment of breast and gastric cancer, also serving as a prognostic and predictive biomarker. During treatment, many patients become resistant or are not eligible for these therapies, due to low expression levels of the target (~55%). Therefore there exists a high unmet medical need for new drugs with alternative mechanisms of action targeting HER2. We describe an antibody conjugate capable of delivering thorium-227 (227Th) to cancer cells expressing the human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 (HER2). The preclinical pharmacological in vivo characterization of the HER2-TTC, with a focus on trastu¬zumab and T-DM1 (trastuzumab-DM1)-resistant and HER2 low expressing mouse xenograft models, are presented.
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Dr Jenny Karlsson (Bayer AS)


Dr Alan S Cuthbertson (Bayer AS) Dr Alexandr Kristian (Bayer AS) Dr Christine Ellingsen (Bayer AS) Dr Christoph Schatz (Bayer AG) Dr Derek Grant (Bayer AS) Dr Dominik Mumberg (Bayer AG) Dr Olav Ryan (Bayer AS) Dr Roger M Bjerke (Bayer AS) Dr Urs B Hagemann (Bayer AG) Dr Veronique Cruciani (Bayer AS)

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