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October 31, 2018 to November 4, 2018
UBC Robson Square
America/Vancouver timezone

Detection of electron anti-neutrino at Jinping

Nov 1, 2018, 6:33 PM
Room C215 (UBC Robson Square)

Room C215

UBC Robson Square


Mr Jinjing Li (Tsinghua University)


The China Jinping Underground Laboratory (CJPL) with the lowest cosmic-ray muon flux and the lowest reactor neutrino flux of any laboratory is ideal to carry out low-energy neutrino experiments for solar neutrino, geo-neutrino and supernova neutrino physics studies. At present, a 1-ton prototype for Jinping Neutrino Experiment of which the target material is liquid scintillator is deployed in CJPL and Monte Carlo study for detectors in future is in progress. The R&D efforts are made particularly on construction of low background facility, including the measurements of radiative backgrounds, the simulation studies of all materials to be used in the proposed detectors. In that poster, I will present the progress of the studies together with the evaluation of geo-neutrino signal in a few hundred ton scale of Gd-loaded liquid scintillator detector.

Primary author

Mr Jinjing Li (Tsinghua University)

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