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May 6 – 10, 2019
Canada/Pacific timezone

Angular analysis of $B_{(s)} \to K_1(\phi) ll$ decay modes

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Bob Wright, B150

Bob Wright, B150

Contributed Oral Rare Decays of Hadrons and Leptons


Dr Suchismita Sahoo (Physical Research Laboratory)


The LHCb experiment has reported discrepancy of $(2.2-2.4)\sigma$ in the $\mu/e$ ratio of $\bar B \to \bar K^* l^+ l^-$ process, $R_{K^*}$, which reinforce the hints of lepton nonuniversality observed in $B^+ \to K^+ l^+ l^-$ process. We investigate the analogous lepton non-universaity ratios and other asymmetries in $B \to K_1 l^+ l^-$ and $B_s \to \phi l^+ l^-$ processes both in model dependent and independent approches. We constrain the new parameter space consistent with experimental limit on Br($B_s \to ll$), Br($\bar B \to X_s ll$), Br($\bar B^0 \to \bar K^0 ll$), Br($\bar B \to K^{(*)} \nu_l \bar \nu_l$), Br($\bar B \to X_s \nu_l \bar \nu_l$), $R_K$ and $R_{K^*}$ parameters. We then show the effects of new parameters on the branching ratios, forward-backward asymmetries, CP violating parameters of $B_{(s)} \to K_1 (\phi) l^+ l^-$ processes. As like $R_{K^{(*)}}$, we also check the existence of the violation of lepton universality in these decay modes. We observe that the analysis of $B$ decays to axial vector mesons can also serve as a good tool to probe physics beyond the SM.

Primary author

Dr Suchismita Sahoo (Physical Research Laboratory)

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