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Feb 15 – 18, 2018
Canada/Eastern timezone

Characterization of superheated fluids in PICO-0.1 bubble chamber for the search of Dark Matter (student talk)

Feb 16, 2018, 8:45 PM


Mr Frédéric Tardif (University of Montreal)


Search for direct detection of dark matter has become more and more precise, and it is essential to understand perfectly how our detectors behave when interacting with ordinary matter, in order to potentially see interactions with dark matter. In the case of the PICO experiment, the behaviour of the superheated fluids used as active mass in the detectors is a key component of the search. This talk will present my work on two freons used in the PICO-0.1 calibration bubble chamber, and how we were able to detect proton recoils in this type of detector : first, I studied freon-r115 (C2ClF5) and the monoenergetic reaction ^35Cl (n_th, p) ^35S, producing a 17 keV ^35S recoil and a 600 keV proton recoil, directly inside the detector; second, I studied freon-r134a (C2H2F4) and the recoils of protons from collisions with fast neutrons.

Primary author

Mr Frédéric Tardif (University of Montreal)

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