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May 25 – 27, 2022
America/Vancouver timezone

Fermilab g-2 result and prospects for MeV-scale new physics

May 26, 2022, 11:15 AM
Auditorium (TRIUMF )



4004 Wesbrook Mall University of British Columbia Vancouver, BC V6T 2A3


Rodolfo Capdevilla


We study new physics scenarios that resolve the muon (g − 2)μ anomaly with only Standard Model singlet particles coupled to muons. Since such models are only viable in the MeV – TeV mass range and require sizable muon couplings, they predict abundant accelerator production through the same interaction that resolves the anomaly. We show that B-factories and high energy colliders can respectively probe the middle (0.1 - 10 GeV) and high mass (>10 GeV) regions of viable single masses. Searches for light singlets (<0.1 GeV) are better suited for fixed target experiments. We show that a combination of these experiments can cover nearly all viable singlets scenarios, independently of their decay modes.

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