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May 9 – 10, 2022
America/Vancouver timezone

TRIUMF has recently demonstrated 10kW performance of our 30MeV electron linac. We are now invested in a campaign to improve the reliability and operability of the linac as we move toward operation in ARIEL. To this end we are hosting this `virtual’ Electron Linac Reliability Workshop to discuss common issues amongst small high intensity cold linacs to better assess our plans and priorities and open avenues of communication with groups operating similar machines. 

There are no fees for this workshop and participation is by invitation.


  1. SRF systems
    1. Field emission and mitigation
    2. Quench protection
    3. Energy stability
    4. Klystron/RF issues
  2. Other technical issues
    1. Gun issues - HV, cathode lifetime
    2. MPS
    3. diagnostics
    4. Services
    5. Beam dumps
  3. Operation
    1. Operational model
    2. Maintenance schedule
    3. Spares strategy
    4. Automation of procedures – user interface
    5. Failures - lessons learned
Application for this event is currently open.