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Apr 20 – 22, 2022
US/Pacific timezone

Participant List

(R) before the name indicates remote participants

66 participants (35 remote only)

  Last Name First Name Institution Country
  Andreoiu Corina Simon Fraser University Canada
  Asch Heinz Simon Fraser University Canada
  Ball Gordon TRIUMF Canada
(R) Bidaman Harris University of Guelph Canada
  Bildstein Vinzenz University of Guelph Canada
(R) Bowry Michael University of the West of Scotland United Kingdom
(R) Buck Samantha University of Guelph Canada
  Caballero Folch Roger TRIUMF Canada
(R) Coleman Robin University of Guelph Canada
(R) Davids Barry TRIUMF Canada
  Dillmann Iris TRIUMF Canada
(R) Drake Tom University Of Toronto Canada
(R) Dudek Jerzy University of Strasbourg and CNRS France
  Fraser Jackson TRIUMF Canada
(R) Fuakye Eric Gyabeng University of Regina Canada
(R) Gaffney Liam University of Liverpool United Kingdom
(R) Garcia Fatima LBNL United States
  Garnsworthy Adam TRIUMF Canada
  Garrett Paul University of Guelph Canada
  Georges Shaun TRIUMF Canada
(R) Greaves Beau University of Guelph Canada
  Griffin Chris TRIUMF Canada
(R) Grinyer Gwen University of Regina Canada
  Hackman Greg TRIUMF Canada
(R) Hanley Madeleine Colorado School of Mines  United States
(R) Henderson Jack University of Surrey United Kingdom
(R) Hughes Richard Lawrence Livermore National Lab United States
  Karayonchev Vasil TRIUMF Canada
(R) Leach Kyle Colorado School of Mines United States
  Leckenby Guy TRIUMF Canada
(R) Leslie James Queens University Canada
(R) Lubna Rebeka Sultana  FRIB, Michigan State University United States
(R) Martin Matthew Simon Fraser University Canada
(R) Mastakov Konstantin University of Guelph Canada
(R) Munoz-Valencia Diana Universidad Nacional de Colombia Colombia
  Natzke Connor TRIUMF Canada
(R) Olaizola Bruno CERN Canada
(R) Ortner Kevin Simon Fraser University Canada
  Petrache Costel University Paris-Saclay France
  Pietro Spagnoletti Simon Fraser University Canada
(R) Radich Allison University of Guelph Canada
(R) Rajabali Mustafa Tennessee Technological University  United States
  Redey Andrew Simon Fraser University Canada
  Rhodes Daniel TRIUMF Canada
(R) Richard Andrea Lawrence Livermore National Lab United States
  Rikako Kono UBC Canada
  Rocchini Marco University of Guelph Canada
  Royer William TRIUMF Canada
(R) Saei Nastaran University of Regina Canada
(R) Sarazin Fred Colorado School of Mines United States
  Schmidt Liam University of Guelph Canada
  Spinazze Michael TRIUMF Canada
  Starosta Krzysztof Simon Fraser University Canada
  Svensson Carl University of Guelph Canada
  Tomlin Lana Triumf Canada
  Umashankar Rashmi TRIUMF Canada
  Vedia Victoria TRIUMF Canada
(R) Vellojin Jose National University of Colombia Colombia
  Watts Katelyn TRIUMF Canada
  Williams Jonathan TRIUMF Canada
  Williams Matthew TRIUMF Canada
(R) Wu Tongan (Frank) SFU Canada
  Yates Daniel TRIUMF Canada
(R) Yates Steven University of Kentucky United States
(R) Zidar Tammy University of Guelph Canada