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Jul 4 – 15, 2022
US/Pacific timezone

COVID Policies

Please read the "Visitor Safety Guidelines at TRIUMF during the COVID-19 public health emergency" before coming to TRIUMF.

Note that BC has dropped the indoor mask and vaccination card mandates. However, TRIUMF's Vaccination Verification Policy is still in place! Anyone who wants to enter the TRIUMF site must provide proof that they are fully vaccinated (i.e. double for most vaccines, one for the Janssen/Johnson & Johnson).

Vaccination Confirmation:

Proof-of-vaccination will be verified at TRIUMF Reception when registering, after which attendees will receive their name badge and registration package. THERE WILL BE NO SITE ACCESS FOR UNVACCINATED PARTICIPANTS!

Mask Policy:

Despite the recent change of the indoor mask wearing policy in BC,  at TRIUMF we ask that ALL PARTICIPANTS WEAR A MASK WHEN IN THE AUDITORIUM. Masks are not required in other parts of the lab. In this way we try to accommodate the needs of all participants.

Travellers from outside Canada are reminded that Federal regulations stipulate that they must continue to wear a mask in all public spaces up to 14 days after their arrival (see "Requirements for exempt travellers") .

You feel sick, or test positive:

If you test positive during the meeting or up to 14 days after, please inform TRIUMF immediately.  We will have to inform our Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) group and send out an email to inform everyone.

For external visitors: If you feel sick during your stay or feel you are showing COVID19 symptoms, do not leave your accommodation and come to TRIUMF, if you are on site do not return to your accommodation.  Immediately let one of the organizers know. TRIUMF OH&S can assist with providing testing (we have some Rapid Antigen Test Kits on site).

The link to all TRIUMF's COVID-19 Employee Resources and Laboratory Policy & Procedures is here.

These guidelines are subject to change on short notice. Please check back here immediately prior to making your trip to TRIUMF for TRISEP 2022.