Events in our system are self-managed.  Group and event managers are encouraged to review privacy and security settings, and adjust them if needed.  If you need assistance please contact Indico Support - contact Help at bottom of page.

Oct 15 – 20, 2017
Harrison Hot Springs
Canada/Pacific timezone

Speaker Guidelines

  • Please stay within your alloted time and allow at least 5 min at the end of your presentation for questions: e.g. if you have been given a 25 minutes slot, your presentation should not exceed 20 min.
  • Please upload your presentations to INDICO latest 30 min before the session. If you have problems uploading contact one of the organizers or bring your presentation on a USB stick latest in the break before the session.
  • The presentation slides and posters shall be available online after the conference. If you wish to remove them please let one of the organizers know. We hope all presentations will be kept accessible.
  • Please put up posters on Monday morning and leave them during the whole workshop. This will help stimulate discussion.