Events in our system are self-managed.  Group and event managers are encouraged to review privacy and security settings, and adjust them if needed.  If you need assistance please contact Indico Support - contact Help at bottom of page.

Oct 15 – 20, 2017
Harrison Hot Springs
Canada/Pacific timezone

Session Convener Guidelines

  • Introductions
    At the start of the session, briefly introduce yourself and explain the timing system to the audience, and as often during the session as you think necessary.

  • Start on Time
    Start the session on time - announce the first abstract and author.
  • Check the Microphone (if required)
    Make sure the speaker has the lavaliere microphone placed no lower than 6" below his/her chin.
  • Stick to the Schedule
    Please adhere to the time schedule.
  • Allotted Times
    The time in the schedule always includes 5 minutes for questions at the end of the presentation.
  • Timing Speakers
    Speakers shall be asked to stop when their allotted time is up in a courteous but firm manner. Keep in mind that the session must end on time, and that the last speaker has just as much right to an audience as does the first speaker.
  • Questions
    Please facilitate questions to the speaker. If there are no immediate questions, pose the first one yourself.