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Jul 18 – 22, 2022
Canada/Pacific timezone
Registration for TRIUMF Science Week 2022 is now closed




We will kick-off Science Week 2022 with an Introduction by TRIUMF Executive Director & CEO Nigel Smith. This will be followed by science talks by invited speakers for topics related to Accelerator Science, Life Sciences and Nuclear Physics. We will round up the day with a Reception just outside of TRIUMF.




We continue with our theme of show-casing science highlights from the past year with talks from  Science and Technology, Molecular and Material Sciences, Scientific Computing and Particle Physics.  

The afternoon will feature the first AR and VR poster competition at TRIUMF, accompanied with food and drinks. 




The second part of Science Week will be dedicated to developing the 5-Year Plan framed by the newly released 20-Year Vision. We start the day with talks on the game-plan and implementation details to achieve this. The program continues with talks on new initiatives and subject focused planning. 

The program will include a live-bridge to the International Conference on Atomic Physics (ICAP) taking place in Toronto at the same time, and a panel discussion on Basic Science and Sustainable Development. 

The afternoon will feature the Let's Talk Science student competition. Students will present their research or fun everyday physics effects encountered in sports or natural phenomena. The event will be kicked-off with a talk by Jess McIver. 




We will continue discussing new initiatives that could take place at TRIUMF and divisional planning. 

The program will include a panel discussion on EDI and Innovation Leaders of the Future. 

The afternoon will feature a Networking Event targeted especially at students and postdocs. 

We will close out the day with a BBQ at UBC Farms that will include volleyball and soccer games and a match of students vs faculty. May the best team win!








The last day will start with a Town Hall meeting and will be followed by the TRIUMF Users Group General Meeting.