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Jul 18 – 22, 2022
Canada/Pacific timezone
Registration for TRIUMF Science Week 2022 is now closed

Let's Talk Science Competition

Let's Talk Science Competition

What to expect 

A fast-paced competition to crown the best presentation - presenters will have 3 minutes and only 1(!) prop: a slide, an item, etc, to deliver a talk on a physics or research-related subject of their choice. Prizes for the Best Talk and the People's Choice Award will be awarded on Friday during the TRIUMF Users Group meeting. This event will be kicked off with a TED Talk on gravitational waves by Jess McIvor, UBC Physics and Astronomy faculty.



Jamie Cardona Expanding science capabilities of TITAN EBIT with a new electron gun
Shaohuang Chen Improving the separation for 197Hg from a proton-irradiated gold target
Ryan Curtis The scintillation process in liquid Xenon and the search for WIMPs
Andras Gacsbaranyi The Beutler-Fano profile
Eva Kasanda In-vivo range verification for hadron therapy using a tumour marker
Brian Kootte Who was Harriet Brooks?
Karishma Moorthy Dark Matter: Knowing something you cannot see
Mathias Roman Proton therapy
Matthew Martin Electron transition rate studies in 28Mg
Wolfgang Klassen Lasers and magnets!
Ryan Abells BeEST implantation chamber redesign
Lucas Backes Tides: and intriguing physical phenomenon
Yilin Wang One does not simply find the electric dipole moment (without nuclear charge radius measurements)


How to vote

Everyone are invited to vote online for the Let's Talk Science Competition. This popular-vote award gives special recognition to a talk presented during the 3-minute talks competition. Cast your vote for the best presentation according to the following criteria: attention attraction, coherent structure, and understandable content. You may only vote once!
The voting poll will be open from 08:00 – 18:00 on Wednesday, July 20, 2022.The talk with the highest number of votes will be announced at the TUG AGM meeting on Friday, July 22, 2021, between 12:30 - 12:40. The best presenter will receive a prize!

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