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Aug 21 – 26, 2022
Whistler Conference Centre
America/Vancouver timezone
Please contact for registration assistance

3-Day Hands on Summer School


Space is limited.

Registration fees: $100 CAD 

Included: Coffee breaks and lunches, learning material, lab consumables

The 3-Day summer school is comprised of three full days of hands-on workshops at TRIUMF prior to WTTC. This school will consist of half days lectures/discussions and half-day hands-on practice in TRIUMF’s labs. Participants will learn about the production of medical radionuclides with cyclotron (TR-13) in one day, radiochemical separation of radionuclides in the second day, and radiolabeling and chelation study on the last day. This will provide trainees with principles and requirements of the production of medical radionuclides.   

This hands-on summer school is primarily targeting trainees at undergraduate/graduate students, postdoctoral, and young professionals levels but is also open for anybody who is interested.

To be considered for hands-on summer school, please submit your application package together with the abstract (can be combined with bursary request).

The application package should include:

- Motivation letter

- CV

- Support letter from supervisor

Selected candidates will be notified together with the abstract decision and can proceed to the registration.

For hands-on summer school participants main workshop (WTTC) attendance is required.


Preliminary program

August 18 (Thursday)

AM Lectures on production of radionuclides

AM/PM Discussion and QA session/training

PM Practice in targetry lab and TR-13 

August 19 (Friday)

AM Lectures on radiochemical separation of radionuclides

AM/PM Discussion and QA session/training

PM Practice in radiochemistry lab (RCR2)

August 20 (Saturday)

AM Lectures on chelation aspects and radiolabeling

AM/PM Laboratory practice radiolabeling (RCR1+RCR2)

PM Departure to Whistler for WTTC meeting