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Feb 15 – 18, 2022
America/Vancouver timezone
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UberEats business account Instructions

Uber Instructions for TRIUMF UberEats Business Account

First Step

If you don’t already have an UberEats personal account, create one and setup your personal credit card details. Once you have your personal account setup, proceed per below. 


1.  Make sure you have first downloaded the Uber Eats App onto your device, if you haven’t already.

2.  Open the email that was received from Uber for Business, using the same device.

3.  Click on the “verify email” button in the email. This should add the TRIUMF Conferences UberEats business account into your personal Uber Eats account.

4.  Use the UberEats app to go into your personal UberEats account and place your order.

5.  When you place your order, at the very bottom of the order screen, look for payment options. You should see an option to toggle into the “TRIUMF Conferences” business account. Use the TRIUMF Conferences business account as the payment option. 

6.  The credit in the TRIUMF Conferences business account will cover everything (food order, Uber fees, delivery fee, tip etc) up to the amount of the credit. Any overage will flow onto your personal credit card set up in your profile. 

The credit is active from now.  The voucher is redeemable for $30 and excludes alcohol.


There is an option with Uber to skip delivery and go pick up the order yourself, if that is preferable. Some people like this option as it gives them more room to use their credit towards food.  Please remember to order from the take-out menu for the restaurant on the App if you are picking up your order. 

If you use delivery – on occasion, some users have had delivery cancelled (ex. drivers not available). Note, the majority of users choosing delivery don’t experience this problem. If it does come up, you will either need to reorder your food, or go pick it up yourself (we can sort out any administrative issues later that might come up).

Note: Please check your spam – it is not uncommon for the email invite to go there.

What your screen should look (this is a mobile device) -- Sample Image  Uber Image

  • Credit limit for attendees $30/meal
  • Scavenger Hunt winners $45/meal

Meal Credit expires:  February 20, 2022