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July 31, 2023 to August 4, 2023
America/Vancouver timezone
Science Week BBQ tonight! Please pick up your wrist bands at reception!

Poster Session

We invite students and postdocs to register for the science week poster session and present their research! The number of accepted poster submission is limited, please register early by June 19th!

Food and drinks will be served while you discuss each others research!


Wednesday, August 2nd, 2023 - 17:00.


TRIUMF Lobby & Courtyard (weather permitting).


First and second place of the poster competition will be rewarded with prizes! Winners will be announced at the TRIUMF User's Group meeting on Friday morning.


Fernando Maldonado, Jaime Cardona"Highly charged ion production and their use in nuclear spectroscopy and mass precision measurements"
Joshua Lerner"GNNs on FPGAs for Real Time Particle Reconstruction at the ATLAS Hardware Trigger"
Iroise Casandjian, Lucas Backes"Barium Tagging at TRIUMF as an upgrade to nEXO"
Sophia Andru"3D printing of phantoms for radiotherapy"
Takato Sugisaki"Development of Muon Spin Imaging Spectroscopy"
Josephine Brewster"A New Event Analysis Framework for Future Higgs Factories"
Paige Harford"Simulating the CANREB radiofrequency quadrupole cooler-buncher"
Denaisha Kraft"Performance of ATLAS Hadronic End-Cap Calorimeter Electronics Chain Configurations"
Madison Daignault, Meghan Kostashuk, Kyler Power"Development of Diagnostic Procedures Based on Alpha Spectroscopy for the Investigation of Radiopharmaceuticals In Vitro"
Ricky Mizuta"Dark Matter from Dark Confinement"
Ruth Gregory"Flux Trapping in Coaxial Superconducting Radio Frequency Cavities"
Amanda Edwin"Direct Measurement of Resonance Properties of 23Mg(p,y)24Al reaction in Classical Novae using DRAGON Recoil Separator and an Optimized Array of CeBr, LaBr and BGO Gamma Ray Detectors"
Aryan Prasad"Rydberg atom field ionizer for low-intensity radioactive isotope beams"
Bianca Currie"Simulation of Rare Radionuclide Production in Ultradeep Subsurface Brines"
Jessica Bohm"Segmenting Particle Showers in the ATLAS Detector with PointNet"
Yilin Wang"Development of an extreme ultraviolet spectrometer for absolute nuclear charge radius measurements"
Annabelle Czhihaly"Status of the TITAN MPET upgrade"
Mae Abedi"Anomalous electrical transport in frustrated intermetallic YbCuAs2 : the role of spin"
Zach Saunders, Nikhil Nikhil, Kyler Power"Treading the terra incognita - Direct reactions of exotic nuclei near the drip-lines at IRIS"
Defne Tanyer, Alex Katrusiak"ML-Driven Tuning of Beamlines: using Bayesian Optimization"
Max Fatrouros"Event Reconstruction of an Aerogel Ring-Imaging Cherenkov Detector for the EMPHATIC Hadron Production Experiment"
Khurshid UsmanovJet Reconstruction using Softkiller Algorithm for Future Muon Collider
Aurelia LaxdalDevelopment of an Optical Method for Temperature Measurements of the ISAC Targets at TRIUMF