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Science Week 2023


TRIUMF Science Week is back this summer!

July 31st - August 4th, 2023

Welcome to Science Week 2023

This year's program will feature presentations on recent achievements and highlights of TRIUMF's science program. Further, Science Week 2023 will be used as platform to present the outcome for the 2025-2030 5-year plan to the community, following on from last year's Science Week which was used to gather input and feedback on major science directions and new initiatives from the TRIUMF community. With ARIEL on the horizon, the third part of the science program will be dedicated to informing the community on the facility's status and timelines, and feature presentations and discussions on exciting new science opportunities in the ARIEL era. We will conclude the week with the TRIUMF Users Group Annual General meeting.


Science week is planned as in-person event, but if you want to join online, please follow the zoom links that will be send out to all participants via email.


Stay up to date with Science Week 2023 events via our interactive social media wall! 

Throughout the week, you can post to Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram with the hashtag #TRIUMFScienceWeek2023 to add your photos to our live feed, which is being hosted via The feed updates periodically, so check in each day to see what your peers are sharing.

Be sure to vote using's heart-shaped Like button for your favourite shared photos from the week – a prize will be awarded to the person with the most votes on their post at the end of the week!

Good luck, and we’re excited to see what #TRIUMFScienceWeek2023 looks like through your eyes!



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    • Welcome session TRIUMF Auditorium

      TRIUMF Auditorium

      Conveners: Annika Lennarz (TRIUMF), Dr Stephanie Diana Rädel (TRIUMF)
    • Accelerator Science TRIUMF Auditorium

      TRIUMF Auditorium

      Convener: Dr Marco Marchetto (TRIUMF)
      • 3
        The Feasibility of Future Colliders

        The Collider Implementation Task Force (ITF) was charged with the evaluation and fair and impartial comparison of future collider proposals, including R&D needs, schedule, cost (using the same accounting rules), and environmental impact. Over about a two-year period a group of 12 accelerator and collider experts collected information of all major and innovative future collider proposals. A report was recently published at The speaker chaired the task force and made presentations of the report to Snowmass and most recently to P5. A summary of the evaluation will be given.

        Speaker: Thomas Roser (BNL)
      • 4
        SRF Development at TRIUMF

        The TRIUMF SRF program began in 2000 to support the design and development of the ISAC-II heavy ion linac. We now have two superconducting linacs in operation, the 40MV ISAC-II heavy ion linac and the 30MV ARIEL 1.3GHz electron linac. At TRIUMF SRF R&D supports the high performance and availability of TRIUMF accelerators to enable discovery science. In addition SRF infrastructure and NSERC funds are leveraged to deliver cutting edge research to educate and train highly skilled personnel and to advance SRF science and technology. External collaborations with VECC, CERN and others are opportunities to participate in exciting projects, enhance our skill set and reputation. The SRF development program will be presented.

        Speaker: Phillipp Kolb (TRIUMF)
      • 5
        Beam Physics at TRIUMF
        Speaker: Hui Wen (TRIUMF)
    • Coffee Break Courtyard


    • Life Sciences TRIUMF Auditorium

      TRIUMF Auditorium

      Convener: Monika Stachura (TRIUMF)
    • Lunch Break Food trucks outside MOB

      Food trucks outside MOB

    • Nuclear Physics TRIUMF Auditorium

      TRIUMF Auditorium

      Convener: Barry Davids (TRIUMF)
    • Quantum Materials / Molecular and Materials Science TRIUMF Auditorium

      TRIUMF Auditorium

      Convener: Kenji Kojima (TRUIMF)
    • Break
    • Welcome Reception
    • 5-year plan
    • Coffee Break
    • 5-y planning - Updates from Divisions TRIUMF Auditorium

      TRIUMF Auditorium

      Convener: Sean Lee
    • Lunch Break Food trucks outside MOB

      Food trucks outside MOB

    • "Reducing our environmental impact" - Panel discussion TRIUMF Auditorium

      TRIUMF Auditorium

      Convener: Kathryn Hayashi (TRIUMF Innovations)
    • Coffee Break Outside MOB

      Outside MOB

    • Collaborating with Indigenous Communities for Water Quality Monitoring TRIUMF Auditorium

      TRIUMF Auditorium

      Presentations and panel discussion with Ira Aisaican (Councillor, Cowessess First Nations), Arzu Sardarli (First Nations University of Canada), Jana Sasakamoose (Graduate Student, First Nations University of Canada, University of Regina), Akira Konaka (TRIUMF).

      Convener: Akira Konaka (TRIUMF)
      • 46
        Introduction and Welcome
        Speaker: Andrew Ikeman
      • 47
        Speaker: Ira Aisaican (Councillor, Cowessess First Nations)
      • 48
        Linking Science and Indigenous Knowldege
        Speaker: Arzu Sardarli (First Nations University of Canada)
      • 49
        Speaker: Jana Sasakamoose (First Nations University of Canada and University of Regina)
      • 50
        Water Monitoring Project
        Speaker: Akira Konaka (TRIUMF)
      • 51
        Panel Discussion

        Panel discussion with Ira Aisaican (Councillor, Cowessess First Nations), Arzu Sardarli (First Nations University of Canada), Jana Sasakamoose (Graduate Student, First Nations University of Canada, University of Regina), Akira Konaka (TRIUMF).

    • Break
    • Poster Session Courtyard


      • 52
        Status of TITAN's Penning Trap Upgrades
        Speaker: Annabelle Czihaly (TRIUMF and University of Victoria)
      • 53
        ML-Driven Tuning of Beamlines: Using Bayesian Optimization
        Speakers: Alexander Katrusiak (TRIUMF and Queens University), Defne Tanyer (TRIUMF and University of Waterloo)
      • 54
        Rydberg atom field ionizer for low-intensity radioactive isotope beams
        Speaker: Aryan Prasad (TRIUMF and University of Waterloo)
      • 55
        Event Reconstruction of an Aerogel Ring-Imaging Cherenkov Detector for the EMPHATIC Hadron Production Experiment
        Speaker: Max Fatouros (TRIUMF and University of Manitoba)
      • 56
        Segmenting Particle Showers in the ATLAS Detector with PointNet
        Speaker: Jessica Bohm (TRIUMF and University of Waterloo)
      • 57
        Flux Trapping in Coaxial Superconducting Radio Frequency Cavities
        Speaker: Ruth Gregory (TRIUMF and University of Victoria)
      • 58
        Anomalous electrical transport in frustrated intermetallic YbCuAs2: the role of spin
        Speaker: Mae Abedi (TRIUMF and Simon Fraser University)
      • 59
        GNNs on FPGAs for Real-time Particle Reconstruction at the ATLAS Hardware Trigger
        Speaker: Joshua Lerner (TRIUMF and UBC)
      • 60
        Jet Reconstruction for Future Muon Collider
        Speaker: Khurshid Usmanov (TRIUMF and University of Waterloo)
      • 61
        A New Event Analysis Framework for Future Higgs Factories
        Speaker: Josephine Brewster (TRIUMF and University of Victoria)
      • 62
        Development of Diagnostic Procedures for the Investigation of Radiopharmaceuticals In Vitro
        Speakers: Madison Daignault (TRIUMF and Simon Fraser University), Meghan Kostashuk (TRIUMF and McMaster University)
      • 63
        Performance of ATLAS Hadronic End-Cap Calorimeter Electronics Chain Configurations
        Speaker: Denaisha Kraft (TRIUMF and University of Victoria)
      • 64
        Dark Matter from Dark Confinement
        Speaker: Ricky Mizuta (TRIUMF and UBC)
      • 65
        Development of Muon Spin Imaging Spectroscopy
        Speaker: Takato Sugisaki (TRIUMF and Osaka University and Open-it and KEK)
      • 66
        Highly charged ion production and their use in nuclear spectroscopy and mass precision measurements
        Speaker: Fernando Alejandro Maldonado Millan (TRIUMF)
      • 67
        Barium Tagging at TRIUMF as an Upgrade to nEXO
        Speakers: Iroise Casandjian (TRIUMF and McMaster University), Lucas Backes (TRIUMF and McGill University)
      • 68
        Simulating the CANREB radiofrequency quadrupole cooler-buncher
        Speaker: Paige Harford (TRIUMF)
    • ARIEL Status & facilities overview TRIUMF Auditorium

      TRIUMF Auditorium

      Convener: Iris Dillmann (TRIUMF)
    • Coffee Break
    • Science with ARIEL TRIUMF Auditorium

      TRIUMF Auditorium

      Convener: Robert Laxdal (TRIUMF)
    • Lunch Break Food trucks outside MOB

      Food trucks outside MOB

    • Science with ARIEL TRIUMF Auditorium

      TRIUMF Auditorium

      Convener: Katherine Pachal (TRIUMF)
    • Coffee Break Courtyard


    • Early Career Networking Event
      Convener: Christopher Chambers (TRIUMF)
      • 80
        Panel: Careers in Industry with a Physics Background

        This networking event is focused on how to make a career out of a grad degree in physics. The event will feature a 1hr panel discussion with panelists coming from a range of companies in diverse fields around Vancouver to showcase career opportunities for those with a physics background. Learn all about what paths are available and how to follow them after you graduate!

      • 81
        Small Group Networking with Mentors

        This session will have smaller groups lead by individual panelists and other mentors from Science Week and TRIUMF. This is your chance to build connections with people who have made a career out of the skills they learned doing physics!

    • Break
    • BBQ / summer festival at UBC farms
    • TRIUMF User's Group AGM TRIUMF Auditorium

      TRIUMF Auditorium

      Convener: Christian Diget
      • 82
        Speaker: Christian Diget (University of York)
      • 83
        TRIUMF User's office update
        Speaker: Dr Marcello Pavan (TRIUMF)
      • 84
        GAPS update
        Speakers: Daniel Yates (TRIUMF), Felix Cormier
      • 85
        Beam Delivery Update
        Speaker: Carla Babcock (TRIUMF)
      • 86
        Student Competitions - Winner announcements
        Speaker: Katherine Pachal (TRIUMF)
      • 87
        Q&A and Concluding Remarks
        Speaker: Christian Diget (University of York)
    • Concluding remarks
      Convener: Nigel Smith (TRIUMF)
    • Coffee Break Courtyard


    • Early Career Researchers Workshop
      Convener: Christian Diget
    • TRIUMF/ARIEL Tour (optional)