TRIUMF Science Week 2021




TRIUMF Science Week 2021

August 16-20, 2021



Registration is now open and will close on August 12, 2021!

Please take note of the Networking Event and the Poster Session (watch this promotional video)



This year Science Week will take place as a virtual event which proved to be a very successful format in 2020.

Science Week 2021 will feature two main streams:

  1. Celebrate recent achievements: We want to celebrate the achievements during the last challenging year, with a particular focus on highlighting Early Career Researchers (ECR), who have lost a lot of opportunities for networking during the past year.
  2. 20-Year Vision Community Engagement: We want to share with the community what we have heard in the Listening and Visioning Phase of the 20-Year Vision Development and outline the draft 20-Year Vision framework.

UPDATED August 9, 2021 

Confirmed Keynote Speakers:

  • Heather Crawford (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)
  • Marcel Demarteau (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)
  • Tobias Junginger (University of Victoria)
  • Suzi Lapi (University of Alabama)
  • Peter Ostroumov (FRIB)
  • Art Ramirez (UC Santa Cruz)
  • Veronica Sanz (University of Valencia / University of Sussex)
  • Rowan Thomson (Carleton University)

The Round Tables on Wednesday and Thursday will include the following participants (subject to last minute changes):

  • Alejandro Adem – President, NSERC
  • Gary Agnew – CEO,
  • Marie-Claude Gregorie – Program Director, Health & Environment, Canadian Nuclear Laboratories
  • Luca Egoriti – Graduate Student, Chemistry, University of British Columbia
  • Eckhard Elsen – Professor of Physics, DESY
  • Karimah Es Sabar – CEO, Quark Venture  and Chair, TRIUMF Innovations Board
  • Lana Janes – Venture Partner, adMare Bioinnovations and Interim CEO, Abdera Therapeutics
  • Ritu Kanungo – Professor of Physics, St. Mary's University
  • Ania Kwiatkowski – Research Scientist, TRIUMF 
  • Angus Livingstone – Chair, TRIUMF Board of Governors
  • Mark MacLachlan – Professor of Chemistry, Associate Dean Faculty of Science, University of British Columbia
  • Stephan Malbrunot-Ettenauer – Research Scientist, CERN
  • Iain McKenzie –  Research Scientist, TRIUMF
  • Brooke McNeil – Graduate Student, Chemistry, Simon Fraser University
  • Valery Radchenko – Research Scientist, TRIUMF
  • Nigel Smith – Director and CEO, TRIUMF
  • Carlos Uribe – Medical Physicist, BC Cancer
  • Brigitte Vachon – Professor of Physics, McGill University
  • Kory Wilson – Executive Director of Indigenous Initiatives and Partnerships, BCIT

While registration for the event is FREE, registration is required for participation. Registration is now open and will close on August 12, 2021!

Local Organizing Committee

Rick Baartman
Barry Davids
Gerald Gwinner
Tobias Junginger

Oliver Kester
Kenji Kojima
Reiner Kruecken
Allayne McGowan

David McKeen
David Morrissey
Marcello Pavan
Caterina Ramogida

Paul Schaffer
Monika Stachura
Oliver Stelzer-Chilton