2017 ICFA Seminar


2017 ICFA Seminar, Ottawa Ontario

Pictures can be found on the Photo Gallery link.

2017 ICFA Seminar

The International Committee for Future Accelerators (ICFA) will hold its triennial Seminar from November 6-9, 2017 at the Shaw Centre in Ottawa, Canada.

2017 Program Committee:

  • Halina Abramowicz
  • Jonathan Bagger
  • Genevieve Belanger
  • Alex Bondar
  • Beate Heinemann
  • Reiner Kruecken
  • Kenneth Long
  • David MacFarlane
  • Toshinori Mori
  • Mihoko Nojiri
  • Natalie Roe
  • Nigel Smith
  • Oliver Stelzer-Chilton
  • Yifang Wang


ICFA members:

  • J. Mnich, Chair and CERN Member States
  • G. Taylor, Chair-Elect, Australia
  • P. Bhat, Secretary, USA
  • H. Abramowicz, CERN Member States
  • F. Gianotti, CERN Member States
  • D. MacFarlane, USA
  • N. Lockyer, USA
  • N. Hadley, USA
  • S. Ivanov, Russia
  • A. Bondar, Russia
  • Y. Wang, China
  • E. Álvarez, Other Countries
  • V. Matveev, Other Countries
  • M. Cho, Other Countries
  • T. Mori, Japan
  • M. Yamauchi, Japan
  • M. Roney, Canada
  • J. Fuster, Chair of the IUPAP Commission on Particles and Fields (ex officio)
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