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PAINT2024 - Workshop on Progress in Ab Initio Nuclear Theory

TRIUMF Auditorium

TRIUMF Auditorium


The workshop on Progress in Ab Initio Nuclear Theory will be held at TRIUMF from February 27th to March 1st, 2024. 

This is the twelveth in a series of workshops focused on new developments in ab initio nuclear theory that started in 2011. The workshop will last for four days to allow more time for discussions and collaboration meetings. We encourage student participation with the possibility to present a poster accompanied by a jamboree. There will be a TRIUMF colloquium as a part of the program. The workshop is sponsored by the TRIUMF Physical Sciences Division. We will provide some level of local support. 

The topics to be discussed include: 
- Progress in first-principles nuclear structure and reaction calculations 
- New results of calculations of electro-weak transitions 
- Latest developments in constructions of accurate nucleon-nucleon and three-nucleon interactions

It is with great regret that our colleague and friend Ruprecht Machleidt (Rup) is no longer with us. To honor his memory and legacy the first session on Tuesday is dedicated to him. 



    • Morning: Talks
      Convener: Petr Navratil
      • 1
        Speaker: Nigel Smith (TRIUMF)
      • 2
        Speaker: Petr Navratil
      • 3
        Speaker: Evgeny Epelbaum
      • 4
        Speaker: Herman Krebs
    • Coffee Break
    • Morning: Talks
      Convener: Petr Navratil
      • 5
        Neutron-rich nuclei and neutron skins from chiral low-resolution interactions
        Speaker: Pierre Arthuis
      • 6
        Charged particles and resonances in finite volume
        Speaker: Sebastian Koenig
      • 7
        New Algorithms for the Nuclear Many-Body Problem
        Speaker: Dean Lee
    • Lunch
    • Afternoon: Talks
      Convener: Robert Roth
      • 8
        What's missing? An investigation of 3He(alpha,gamma)7Be radiative capture
        Speaker: Mack Atkinson
      • 9
        Islands of inversion and other challenges to the no-core shell model
        Speaker: Calvin Johnson
      • 10
        Intruder structure, shape coexistence, and configuration mixing from an ab initio perspective
        Speaker: Mark Caprio
    • Coffee Break
    • Afternoon: Talks
      Convener: Robert Roth
      • 11
        Ab initio investigation of 7Li(p, gamma)8Be and 7Li(p, e+ e−)8Be processes
        Speaker: Peter Gysbers
      • 12
        Collective and single particle structure of 12Be negative parity spectrum
        Speaker: Anna McCoy
      • 13
        Ab initio description of monopole resonances in light- and medium-mass nuclei
        Speaker: Andrea Porro
    • Morning: Talks
      Convener: Jason Holt
      • 14
        Improved medium-mass nuclear structure and responses with the IMSRG
        Speaker: Matthias Heinz
      • 15
        Factorized approximations of IMSRG(3)
        Speaker: Ragnar Stroberg
      • 16
        Speaker: Heiko Hergert
    • Coffee Break
    • Morning: Talks
      Convener: Jason Holt
      • 17
        Reach and opportunities for Green’s function methods in nuclear physics: optical potentials, infinite matter and diagrammatic Monte Carlo
        Speaker: Carlo Barbieri
      • 18
        The polarization propagator in the self-consistent Gorkov-Green's function method: perturbation theory
        Speaker: Gianluca Stellin
      • 19
        Nuclei and nuclear matter with neural-network quantum states
        Speaker: Alessandro Lovato
    • Lunch
    • Poster Jamboree
      Convener: Gaute Hagen
      • 20
        Total muon capture rates from the ab inito no-core shell model
        Speaker: Diego Araujo Najera
      • 21
        Speaker: Daniel Benatar
      • 22
        Two-body currents at finite momentum transfer
        Speaker: Catharina Brase
      • 23
        Diagrammatic Monte Carlo for Atomic Nuclei
        Speaker: Stefano Brolli
      • 24
        Application of eigenvector continuation to the pairing Hamiltonian and nuclear many-body problems
        Speaker: Margarida Companys
      • 25
        Singly open-shell nuclei via Bogoliubov coupled cluster theory
        Speaker: Pepijn Demol
    • Afternoon: Talks
      Convener: Gaute Hagen
      • 26
        Electric dipole polarizability in medium-mass nuclei
        Speaker: Francesca Bonaiti
    • Coffee Break
    • Afternoon: Talks
      Convener: Gaute Hagen
      • 27
        The magnetic dipole transition in 48Ca
        Speaker: Thomas Papenbrock
      • 28
        Ab initio spectroscopy from the valence-space density matrix renormalization group
        Speaker: Alex Tichai
    • Morning: Talks
      Convener: Thomas Papenbrock
      • 29
        Precision Calculations of p-Shell Hypernuclei and Beyond
        Speaker: Marco Knöll
      • 30
        Evolution of single-particle structure in neutron-rich beryllium isotopes
        Speaker: Patrick Fasano
      • 31
        Ab initio theory towards reliable neutrinoless double beta decay nuclear matrix elements
        Speaker: Antoine Belley
    • Coffee Break
    • Morning: Talks
      Convener: Thomas Papenbrock
      • 32
        New opportunities for nuclear structure calculations for BSM physics
        Speaker: Ayala Glick-Magid
      • 33
        Electroweak radiative corrections to nuclear Fermi transitions and CKM unitarity
        Speaker: Michael Gennari
      • 34
        Ab initio calculations for muon capture to probe neutrinoless double-beta decay
        Speaker: Lotta Jokiniemi
    • Lunch
    • Colloquium
      Convener: Petr Navratil (TRIUMF)
      • 35
        Nuclear physics for the precise extraction of Vud
        Speaker: Chien-Yeah Seng
    • Break
    • Poster Jamboree
      Convener: Dean Lee
      • 36
        Transition sum rules in the no-core shell model
        Speaker: Hayden Frye
      • 37
        Precision Study of Charge Radii for Boron Isotopes
        Speaker: Tobias Gesser
      • 38
        7Li in the no-core shell model with continuum framework with coupling of mass partitions
        Speaker: Jakub Herko
      • 39
        Consistent Description of Collective Excitations in the In-Medium (S)RPA
        Speaker: Michelle Muller
      • 40
        Deformed natural orbitals for ab initio calculations
        Speaker: Alberto Scalesi
      • 41
        Perturbative computations of nucleon-nucleon scattering observables using chiral EFT up to N3LO
        Speaker: Oliver Thim
      • 42
        Application of Scaled Natural Orbitals to Radii and E2 Observables in the NCSM
        Speaker: Lisa Wagner
      • 43
        Non-scalar Extensions and Applications of the Multi-Reference IM-SRG
        Speaker: Cedric Wenz
      • 44
        G-Equivariant Architectures for Many body Systems
        Speaker: Jose Munoz
    • Poster Session
    • Workshop Dinner at Sports Illustrated Clubhouse
    • Morning: Talks
      Convener: Carlo Barbieri
      • 45
        A decisional step for Variational Monte Carlo: optimizing neural quantum states with decision geometry
        Speaker: Mehdi Drissi
      • 46
        Bayesian uncertainty quantification in ab initio nuclear theory
        Speaker: Isak Svensson
      • 47
        Exotic pairing in heavy nuclei
        Speaker: Georgios Palkanoglou
    • Coffee Break
    • Morning: Talks
      Convener: Carlo Barbieri
      • 48
        Coupling nuclear structure and relativistic hydrodynamic calculations: collectivity in small systems
        Speaker: Benjamin Bally
      • 49
        Collectivity in neutron-rich neon isotopes
        Speaker: Gaute Hagen
    • Lunch